Lisa chow & Y.E. Torres - Once There Was, Once There Wasn’t

 A collaborative effort by Lisa Chow and Y.E. Torres brought to you by FreshArts (formerly Spacetaker), Once There Was, Once There Wasn’t was conceived as a changing and evolving space where a bad unicorn and an evil bunny meet in an enchanted, dark wood one day…

Here’s an interview to get you excited!!

This is definitely worth going to. The exhibit opened July 14th, but the duo will be hosting an Afternoon Tea on Sunday from 2-5pm. I am incredibly sorrow filled that I cannot attend, so you all will have to be my proxies! I promise it will be filled with strange and beautiful things.

 Lisa Chow's work is mysterious and cute - an illustrator and painter, she apparently started out as a business administrator. Thankfully she came to her senses and embraced art. If you've ever been to the new Whole Foods on Montrose, her work is on the wall next to the checkout area, to say nothing of the countless other venues she's exhibited her work. (blog here)

Y.E. Torres, known to Countercrawl initiates since the very start of our Counterventure, is an accomplished artist and performer. With beginnings in the exploration of her bad unicorn universe in drawing and painting, she has since moved to performance and bellydance. She explores deviant sensuality and couples it with the image of a unicorn, an animal known in western mythology to be so pure it will gore any non-virgin who approaches him. Nice. (blog here)